The long awaited BullRun is upon us. Are you ready to wave the flag?

Introducing… Bull Flag. Brought to you by Team Alpha 7. As the name implies, BullFlag represents a grand welcome to the almighty Bull Market. With every purchase of BullFlag, our true burn mechanism automatically wipes off 2% of every transaction from the supply thereby shrinking the supply and increasing price.

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BullFlag Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Website & Social media set up.
  • Utility Development
  • Private Sale
  • Contract Audit
  • Team KYC
  • Partnership announcement
  • Marketing warm up
  • Pinksale Fairlaunch
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BullFlag Roadmap

Phase 2

  • Solid marketing push
  • Tier 1 / Tier 2 CEX rumors
  • Launch on PCS
  • Listings
  • First tier 1 / tier 2 CEX listing
  • First Utility reveal
  • Certik audit
  • Trending everywhere

BullFlag Roadmap

Phase 3

  • Partnerships
  • Marketing
  • Trending everywhere
  • Tier one CEX listing
  • Big marketing push and endorsements
  • Top utility reveal
  • BullVerse
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dashboard feature image

BullFlag Roadmap

Phase 4

  • Project Expansion
  • Exchange listings
  • Partnerships
  • Blockchain

Bullflag Frequently Asked Questions


News and Updates


Dave the CEO of Bull Flag today officially announced the development of an anonymous payment system, named “Bullet Cash”, it will be powered by Bull Flag the native token, with plans to implement some “first in the world” features like callback and time lock features.

Bullet Cash is 100% decentralized. No one has control over the platform and since Bull Flag is a community driven token with community members instrumental in decision making, Bullet Cash is fully owned by the community.

Dave further said that the new payment system is ticket-based and that tickets will be issued to depositors to enable them withdraw funds at their convenience. As the cryptocurrency space continues to evolve and receives new projects, developers are at the forefront of developing projects that guarantee traceless transactions so that users can anonymously send and receive payments without leaving a trace on the blockchain. Bull Flag is one such project, a new entry that seeks to revolutionize the upcoming Bull market.

Few months ago, Dave developed a platform that enables users to callback their cryptocurrency sent to wrong addresses or scammers. As a ‘first in the world’ innovation, he thought it wise to implement this amazing ‘anonymous payment system’ to enable users perform financial transactions privately without leaving traces in the blockchain.

From every transaction, 2% gets burnt automatically with the burnt tokens permanently deducted from the contract (not sent to a dead wallet) thereby reducing supply and building a more stable price floor.

BullFlag has a top notch BuyBack mechanism where 2% of every transaction is converted to BNB and stored in a designated wallet. On scheduled dates/milestones decided by the community, major buybacks will be done which runs through a 24 hour period.

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